The World's Toughest Row

The Atlantic covers 25% of the earth's surface.

At its deepest, the Atlantic is 8,486m known as the Milwaukee Depth.

The challenge is to row 3,000 miles un-assisted across the second largest ocean on the planet, from Tenerife, Canary Islands to Barbados.

So what makes this the world's toughest row?

For the 3,000 mile trip, we will row 2 hours on, 2 hours off. Within the 2 hours off, not only will will we eat and sleep, we will also be carrying out maintenance on the boat, cleaning it and checking our course, all before cracking on with our next 2 hours row. This is constant, 24 hours a day for over a month.

Not only will we experience the physical strain from burning in excess of 10,000 calories per day, the mental challenge we will undertake both personally and as a team will be immense! Between now and the row as a team we truly believe we can only get stronger. We will know everything about each other so that we can support each other to complete the challenge. We will celebrate our strengths and as a team, we will work on our weaknesses.

Wave in darkness

Have we mentioned the 60ft waves and wildlife yet?

60ft is the equivalent of 4.2 double decker busses. Imagine that coming at you from the side! Not to mention the sharks, whales and marlins swimming beneath. A blue marlin can grow up to around 12ft long and are known for being one of the fastest fish in the ocean. They can reach speeds of around 50mph.

Anything else to mention about the world's toughest row?

We have set ourselves the mission of completing this row unassisted whilst also aiming to break the ocean rowing world record for an Atlantic Crossing

One last thing, there is no toilet on board – hello bucket!

So why are we taking on this challenge and why is it so important to us? Find out in our future posts!


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