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The magnitude of this challenge means that we cannot complete it alone, we will need the help to get us across the finish line in the fastest time to achieve our mission and break the world record. 

The partnership will not only benefit us however, we are committed to creating mutually beneficial agreements. The exposure that your brand will receive as a result through our PR and marketing activities such as public speaking, fundraisers, social media and press releases is vast. Not to mention the CSR you can benefit from as a result of the association of our causes.

Corporate Partnership Opportunities

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Bespoke Packages

We recognise that all companies are different and packages like this are not a one size fits all with budgets, different sized teams, marketing requirements, etc. So we would like to offer you a bespoke package tailored to your business based on your specific needs and own ideas on how we can add value to your company through our project.

Alternative Partnership Opportunities

Thinking about coming on board as a Partner?

We are seeking support for our Atlantic row in a number of ways, be it monetary or through provision of goods/services. Whether you’re an individual or a business, small or large, we would love to hear from you and see what we can do together.
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