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The Crew 

4 mates brought together by their love of rowing, adventure and a great cause. 

Meet the crew that will take on the epic challenge and adventure of a life time - Rowing The Atlantic 

Dan Bohin

Age - 45
Occupation - Self Employed Carpenter.

Height - 6ft.
Weight - 16.8 stone.

Why this challenge? - After watching the Talisker Whiskey Event in 2020/21 I've been absolutely hooked. Two friends rowed last year and I spent 50 days wishing it was me on that tiny row boat. So, here I am! 

What do you do outside of rowing the Atlantic? - Well... More rowing! My club, Bristol Gig Club is a rowing club that races heavy traditional Cornish Gigs on the sea.  My 2nd club Clevedon Coastal races much lighter Welsh Celtic skiffs also on the sea. I love this sport very much. I also cycle a lot and previously I was involved with two rugby clubs where I played Centre (terribly). Food, I LOVE food. 

Biggest fear about the row? - Huge seas and Marlin! I guess I'll have to get used to big seas pretty darn quick. Oh and lack of decent food! 

What are you most excited about? - Warm sunny days with nothing else to think about other than rowing a boat with my mates.  

Why mental health charities? - We have all had times where our mental health has suffered, and many of us don't even realise. I was lucky enough to have a group of amazing friends and family to help me when I needed it and now I'd like to help someone else.  

What will your role be in the crew? - I'm pretty good at repairing things and I usually have a very calm demeanour.  I'll be the voice of reason.

What's your favourite sea shanty? - Last Bristolian Pirate.


Amelia Mills

Age - 24
Occupation - Environmental Consultant

Height - 5ft 9.
Weight - 10.5 stone.

Why this challenge? - I started gig rowing back in 2016 and fell in love with it. I have been wanting to challenge myself, to prove I can do anything I put my mind to, and got the opportunity to join the crew. I couldn’t say no! It's going to be an incredible physical and mental challenge that will impact my life. What's not to like: the toughest row and over a month in the ocean… 

What do you do outside of rowing the Atlantic? -  I love exploring, especially by the sea. I am very active, so I spend my time outside of work gig rowing, walking, swimming, running… or curled up reading a book with a cup of tea.

Biggest fear about the row? - Big waves, you really are at the mercy of nature out there and anything could happen!

What are you most excited about? - Hopefully seeing some amazing wildlife, and a good sunset and sunrise. As an environmental consultant I am in awe of the natural world and can't wait to experience the remoteness of it. Hopefully I'll be able to raise some awareness about the vulnerability of these ocean ecosystems to climate change as well. Also… very excited to eat a massive pizza as soon as we get onto dry land!

Why mental health charities? - Everyone will know someone who has experienced poor mental health, whether they know it or not. It can be hard to talk and ask for help, so it's so important that these charities exist to provide support.

What will be your role in the crew? - Hopefully a bit of morale boosting!

What's your favourite sea shanty? - Sloop John B (or anything by the Oggymen)


Oli Marks


Age - 29
Occupation -  Aerospace Engineer.

Height - 6ft 3inch.
Weight - 15.5 stone.

Why this challenge? - Since joining the Bristol Pilot Gig Rowing Club two years ago I have discovered my love of all things rowing, what better way to test this and my physical and mental limits than to row across the Atlantic! Personally I also hope to raise awareness for the importance of maintaining our ocean habitats.

What do you do outside of rowing the Atlantic? - For me nothing beats being outside so hiking, sports, wild swimming and any other outdoor pursuits I can think of! Riding my motorbike on a sunny day is a close second.

Biggest fear about the row? - Being skewered by a marlin is a worry, but for me the biggest concern is capsizing in rough seas.

What are you most excited about? - Setting off, and seeing land for the first time in weeks, I'm positive a tear will be shed before cracking on to the finish. Also to experience the wildlife and natural world of open ocean first hand.

Why mental health charities? - The impacts of mental health conditions is, in my opinion, one of the biggest issues facing people in modern times and if I can help to improve the lives and ease the suffering, then it is worth putting myself through this. It will be a small battle compared to what those individuals face every day.

What will your role be in the crew? - As an engineer I hope to be able to solve problems that occur in the boat, from a Marlin punctured hull, to a fried battery. Also I work well under pressure so hopefully a calm head in rough seas.

What's your favourite sea shanty? - Spanish Ladies.


Adam Turgoose

Age - 28
Occupation - Investment Associate.

Height - 5ft 10.
Weight - 13.1 stone.

Why this challenge? - It all started with a post from Dan saying ‘looking for 2 people to row the Atlantic with’. I messaged him ‘yep keen’ and before I knew it I was on a group call discussing team names! It’s a team event - the ultimate endurance challenge. Physically tough, mentally tough and unlike anything I've done before. We’ll be a team, supporting each other, but the real challenge I think, for all of us, is going to be the emotional and mental challenge to achieve our goal.

What do you do outside of rowing the Atlantic? - I row for Bristol and compete in numerous regattas from local races at Appledore through to the Isles of Scilly World Championships. Outside of rowing I’m a keen cyclist. In January 2021 I completed a 100m bike ride to raise money for ‘Man Down Cornwall’, a charity that aims to prevent male suicide.

Biggest fear about the row? - Ultimately, it’s the 60ft waves. That coupled with the potential capsizing could make for an interesting 35+ days. Oh and sharks, but who doesn’t fear sharks?

What are you most excited about? - The challenge! It’s an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life! I’m doing this to face my fears head on (preferably not a shark though). ‘Mind the Atlantic’, are not doing this just to row from Tenerife to Barbados, we’re doing it to break records. A pretty competitive group of guys.

Why mental health charities? - Mental health is so important, it's something that can effect everyone in so many different ways. Being a mental health ally in my day job I try to do my bit to help people but I want to do more.    

What will your role be in the crew? - TBD. Probably Mr Motivator! 

What's your favourite sea shanty? - South Australia.

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